Demonetisation the political option for opposition:

Demonetisation the political option for opposition:


In case of demonetisation declaring Rs500 and Rs1000 notes as void, there was an option for the ruling government to issue Gold coins deducting the tax percentage in weight of Gold coins and backed with a certificate would have issued in exchange of the void notes, this would have enabled the Government to collect each penny due in terms for law from everyone who is involved irrespective the nature of black money after setting the limits of allowed exchanges. Instead of burring or ignoring the declared void notes.


As per the present situation the government me print other currencies after the due date for the undeclared or unaccounted value of the void notes and declare the differed for total currency value as Revenue Collection to the government and utilize the declared purpose. But the opposition must focus on the spending of the collected money through demonetisation policy as key issue instead of protesting.


The political row for opposition party must announce what they would due if they win the next election?

They can go for public canvassing with future declaration in the nature of :

  1. a) Other notes like 100, 2000 etc.. to be declared void and exchange with gold coins backed with certificate of cleared liability.
  2. b) As the initial motto of current political leadership as temple issue.
  3. c) They could make new slogan to make smart cities based of life style interest of the citizen and use individual based law rather than family based concept of subsidy. As current law of the country don’t meet the needs and material or spiritual life of young generation and all policy and law was made with the concept of one man and one wife and their kids, it’s high time to meet law other than religious nature to accomadate life style like singles too.
  4. d) Use the fund collected as tax money to acquire technology like artificial intelligence, Robots, 3 d printing machines, artificial leaves etc. and bring public benefit for all as free food, free accommodation and free clothing for all who is adult.

What lags the opposition party is a slogan for them to catch the attention of young generation. Demonetisation not affected the internet generation of young population. They were mostly against the age old practice of cash only deals. Once a motto is promoted gaining power is not difficult. What need is not hard work in current technological age but smart work. Bring slogan than one must work for other needs only not for food, not for accommodation and not for cloth.


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