Valuation of Oil, Gold, Currency, Land, and disputed territories etc..

Valuation of Oil, Gold, Currency,  Land, and disputed territories etc..


Where ever valuation of economy and trend is concerned consider gold in quantity:

Total Gold Demand in quantity Less Gold Jewelry Sales in quantity and there difference can be compared over a period.

In Gold demand consider the population abstain from demand.

Currency :

In valuation of currency for consider climate factor i.e.

Gold + basket of currencies + other beings (plants, trees, seeds, eggs, birds, animals and all other species in land, salt water and fresh water) + population with child birth cost( i.e. fertility)+materials+ fresh water, air quality all in terms of production cost less genetic modified species includes eggs and plants .

With a view of climate change consider export and import of all types of seeds and plants of that they can adopt new changes in nature with any restriction to the numbers. As per biology male species are disappearing mostly export male species including plants equal to gold weight and one female free with every male. In import duty free for male and gold weight duty(dowry) for female species and beings.


Disputed territory to be measure in salable land unit and valued considering all factor in currency including the cost of population at the cost of birth in hospital after infertility treatment to the children below poverty for all males and must be auctioned in open for about countries to buy.

Consider the cost of auction as 20% of the value similar to public issues in stocks and must be distributed to executives, judiciary, media, elected leader from political parties, religions leader and NGOs.

In any such settlement 60% must be settled in gold and rest of 40% as they like and the amount received must be distributed to all other local governments in a union territory proportion to the pollution.

Natural Freedom of movement when disturbed it must be auctioned and sold off. If those who referred in nature don’t bother about nature why bother and  hear from envious who don’t know the derivation from blood groups  ab+, ab-, etc..and parasite birth from blood.

Also charge any territory to join any leading territory  with a cost of population at the cost of birth in hospital after infertility treatment to the children below poverty for all males


In case of future availability consider the increase in water level in see from lost greens and species in climate and zodiac changes.

Best way to find weird idea from more intelligent and brilliant people in future pay rewards to those whose suggestions are adopted as time is not free only knowledge is free.


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