Norms to find the poorest man in a given population.

Norms to find the poorest man in a given population.

The poorest man is person or an organisation or legal entity that may have direct or indirect earning who is engaged in providing one or more of the following:

Free food and/or free shelter and/or free accommodation and/or free clothing and/or free medicine (but not supporter of any preventive medicine or insurance of any kind) and/or free knowledge  including that of religions not limited to particular one or medium of service for acquiring  knowledge without limiting to a category by means of age or any other conditions.

Value of output in terms of monetary value including promotional expenses of such schemes even if public figures are engaged in such promotions and advertising the benefits free of cost  and  considering  the  personal wealth increase or decrease during the period for the providers and promoters. Even though such person or entity is the poorest but highest in terms of quality values.


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